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MedPro Consulting Services’ Mission

Assist companies with market entry, channel management and supply chain decisions for new or existing medical products.


Sales & Marketing

Sales imporvement
  • Comprehensive market entry analysis

  • Product alignment for medical class of trade

  • Step by step mapping for product marketing

  • Build or out-source sales coverage

Provide Due Diligence for Investors

Spreadsheet bank accounts accounting with calculator and magnifying glass.
  • Review and analyze current financial position

  • Organize current and future asset and liability structure

  • Prepare valuation projections

  • Annualize and prepare budget projections

Develop Strategic Partnerships

Confidence in Business
  • Share connections with potential strategic alliances

  • Determine potential joint marketing opportunities

  • Create business relationships that drive accelerated growth

MedPro’s consulting services are geared toward:

  • Startups

  • Companies struggling for growth

  • Venture Capital/Private Equity Firms invested in the Medical Device Sector