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Our team’s breadth of knowledge spans across the entire spectrum of care delivery models. From acute care hospitals and surgery centers, to alternate care physicians, ambulatory, and long term care, our sales teams are actively engaged in identifying all of the latest trends in healthcare and crafting our sales strategies around them. Each team has an in-depth level of product knowledge and existing strong relationships with manufacturers and across the entire supply chain.

Acute Care


The MedPro sales team understands the current hospital environment. We are responsible for building relationships with decision makers, which allows us to drive successful product conversions that deliver results. We have a proven track record and strong market recognition established over the years with highly visible brand valued manufacturers.

  • Fully credentialed sales force

  • Understanding of the GPO and IDN delivery models

  • Market-specific CRM programs that provide tracking and management reporting tools

Long-Term Care


The MedPro sales team understands the Long Term Care/Extended Care market. MedPro has years of experience working with both our manufacturer and distributor partners servicing the LTC community. We are results results-driven, working closely with providers to improve resident outcomes and control healthcare costs.

  • Longstanding key decision maker relationships at the national and regional nursing home chains

  • Partnered closely with leading LTC distributors at both the executive management and representative levels

  • Clinically trained for product in-servicing requirements and conversion opportunities

  • Diverse product portfolio of medical consumables and capital equipment products

Primary Care


The MedPro sales team understands today’s primary care environment. MedPro has established customer relationships that are able to streamline and drive product decision-making opportunities to grow our manufacturer partners’ business. We coordinate our sales efforts daily with our distribution partners at the national and regional levels across the U.S.

  • High brand value manufacturers working with leading primary care distributors

  • Proven track record established over years of results, supported by end-user relationships

  • Market-specific CRM programs that provide tracking and management reporting tools

Home Care


MedPro Associates understands the homecare market space. From the hospital discharge planner to the distributor, DME provider and end user, we have the knowledge and understanding to impact our manufacturer partners’ sales.

  • Understanding of reimbursement models and the continuum of care

  • National geographic coverage partnered with key homecare distributors

  • Diverse product portfolio of DME products and consumables



MedPro's Government Services Team takes the complexity out of contracting with the Federal Government. With established federal contracts in place, prime vendor distribution relationships established, and a national sales force trained and actively calling on federal medical centers, MedPro makes federal contracting simple. 

  • Elevates product awareness at end-user level

  • Security requirements to access facilities

  • Moving new products through committees

  • Getting new products into purchasing formularies

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