MedPro Associates

provides healthcare sales solutions
as the industry leader in contract sales
for medical manufacturers.


Acute Care

The MedPro Acute Care sales team understands the current hospital environment, constantly building relationships with decision makers and driving successful product conversions for enhanced patient care . We have a proven track record and strong market recognition established over the years with highly visible, brand-valued manufacturers.


Non-Acute Care

With years of experience and sales success working with manufacturer and distributor partners servicing Physician Office, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Home Health Agencies, MedPro’s Non-Acute Care sales team is uniquely positioned to grow market share for your product.



MedPro’s Government Services Team takes the complexity out of contracting with the Federal Government. With established federal contracts in place, prime vendor distribution relationships established, and a national sales force who is trained, credentialed, and actively calling on federal medical centers, MedPro provides unrivaled access to the government market and makes federal contracting simple.

The MedPro Model

Our formula combines experience, knowledge, proven results, and most importantly, strong industry relationships.  Our clinically trained salesforce works closely with everyone along the continuum of care, and is experienced selling both direct to end users and alongside our local, regional and national distribution partners.  We offer a full suite of products, from disposables and PPE to furniture, surgical and capital equipment, and have the solutions to meet your needs and budget. Contact your Non-Acute, Acute or Government Territory Manager now. 

Product Knowledge
Product Knowledge
Sales Training  & Support
Collaboration With Partners
Record Of Success
Profit Growth

The MedPro sales team strives every day to build relationships with both caretakers and decision makers, obtaining insights on patient and caregiver needs that drive successful product conversions for improved care.  A proven track record with leading brands, strong market recognition established over decades of selling in the acute setting, and clinically trained salespeople make MedPro the ideal solution for sales in this market.

For Acute Care & Hospitals

As procedures continue to shift from the acute market, the MedPro team has focused more on surgery centers than ever before. Our line mix of equipment and consumable products allows us to access these facilities frequently, and with unrivaled relationships across the national and regional distribution channels, we are poised to help any manufacturer successfully grow its business in ASCs.

For Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The MedPro Non-Acute Care sales team understands the nuances of coordinating products & pricing in the Long-Term Care market. With years of experience working with both our manufacturer and distributor partners servicing the LTC community, we are results driven and work closely with providers to improve resident outcomes and control healthcare costs.

For Post-Acute &
Long-Term Care

With relationships at every step of the home care continuum, MedPro provides solutions that benefit everyone from caregivers to patients. From the hospital discharge planner to the distributor, DME provider and end user, we have the knowledge and understanding to increase sales for our manufacturer partners.

For Home Care

When it comes to today’s primary care environment, MedPro has established customer relationships that are able to streamline and drive product decision-making opportunities to grow our manufacturer partners’ business. We ceaselessly coordinate our sales efforts with our distribution partners at the national and regional levels across the U.S. Whether physician office, cardiology, or other specialties, MedPro has a nationwide network of office-based practitioners to get your products to market.

For Primary Care

We have a clinically trained and fully credentialed sales force who, with prime vendor distribution agreements and federal contracts in place, can get your product in front of and on contract with VA, DoD and IHS. Simply put, MedPro can streamline the process and provide access to the largest purchaser of medical supplies on the planet!

For Government


See what Mark Seitz, President and CEO of healthcare supply chain company NDC, Inc., has to say about his experience with MedPro.

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The U.S. Federal government is the largest buyer of medical supplies globally, but the complicated process for being awarded a contract to sell in this space prevents most manufacturers from ever accessing this enormous client. Listen to this podcast to hear how MedPro has simplified the process for manufacturers and can do the same for you.

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