The MedPro Enterprise Model: Teamwork for Nationwide Sales Coverage

Seamlessly extending the reach and impact of medical manufacturers beyond their headquarters.

The MedPro Enterprise Model is our team-based solution for medical manufacturers in need of experienced, credentialed, HIDA AMS Accredited sales professionals, all trained both clinically and in cutting edge sales skills. MedPro Enterprises (14 across USA) are geographically-based teams comprised of acute, non-acute, and government sales representatives, all working together to ensure our partners receive a field sales approach tailored to meet their needs for in-person, multi-market sales coverage. Selling both direct to end-users and through the distribution channel, we can place your products into virtually all healthcare settings with the MedPro Enterprise Model.

Our goal is to act as an extension of your sales team, lending our knowledge and networks to help you increase awareness, sales, and profits.

Whether you need to reach new major markets or care spaces, or don't have the resources to produce the volume of new leads to support your growth, you can turn to us for:

  • Access to hospital systems and IDNs to expand your opportunities for cross-selling and lead generation.
  • Multi-market sales teams specializing in the acute, non-acute, and government healthcare markets, providing expertise and exposure to industry trends, and allowing for collaborative sales.
  • Access to leading national, regional, and local distributor partnerships that allow us to support customers in every channel, coast to coast.
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About the MedPro Enterprise Model

Med-pro enterprise territory map

The MedPro Enterprise Model (MEM) offers the personal touch our partners expect from us, alongside a national reach into all major markets. Our team based multi-market approach facilitates connections between our manufacturer and distributor partners, ensuring the products we sell will be represented by us in healthcare facilities of every kind.

We have the history, experience, leadership, and handshakes in place across the country to effectively fill in the gaps for medical manufacturers trying to reach new markets. MedPro Sales Enterprises coordinate their knowledge and networks to grant medical manufacturers deeper and broader access within acute care, non-acute care, and government procurement conversations. Our sales reps are able to provide access to hospital systems and IDNs, and teamwork between them ensures there are no oversights or missed opportunities. Uncovering new qualified leads is a simple conversation away, accelerating business growth potential for our manufacturer partners. And distribution channels are readily accessible, making logistics and customer support as close to seamless as you’re going to get.

Our team is fully credentialed, in-service capable, HIDA AMS accredited, and supported with cutting edge sales tracking and CRM tools. These factors, alongside our commitment to building relationships with our customers and industry contacts, are our greatest assets in growing the reach, awareness, and sales of our medical manufacturer partners.

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What our customers say

“I have always held the MedPro sales team in very high esteem as they are professional, reliable and a key player in selling through distribution throughout the U.S. Their understanding of the business, highly qualified salespeople is supported by strong distributor and senior management relationships. MedPro is a strategic partner of the GE Healthcare Cardiology team supporting both the ambulatory care channel and hospital markets.”

Darryl Lustig

GE Healthcare